Acrylic Wall Display Case for Three 1:18 Scale Model Cars

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Three 1:18 Scale Model Cars
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Product Description

This acrylic wall display case has a gloss black acrylic back panel, which is fitted to the wall using quality stainless steel sign supports, these are screwed to the wall, but they leave no visible sign of the fixing screw.

The 3 shelves are then fitted to the back panel using some clear acrylic clips. The shelves themselves are made from clear acrylic, so they help to keep light moving throughout your display case. The shelves measure 315mm long and 125mm deep, the shelf brackets protrude into the shelf by 11mm on the top of the shelf and 25mm underneath the shelf.

The front cover is also made from clear acrylic and is fabricated into one piece, it has hooks down each side which slot into the back panel, this gives a good fit, that will be dust proof and difficult to know off the unit by accident. To remove you just push it up and then lift it away. The acrylic used will protect from over 90% of harmful UV light.

This is a high quality wall display cabinet and is made in the UK.

Product Features

  • Blocks over 90% of UV light, which will help prevent the bodywork of your model cars from fading/degrading
  • Protects your model cars from dust, and also from damage caused by cleaning products and processes
  • Deters people from touching your model car collection
  • Easily removable cover
  • Gloss Black Backpanel
  • Quality Stainless steel wall fixings
  • Clear shelves allow light through them
  • The overall sizes of the display case is 342mm wide x 420mm high, including the cover and the stainless steel wall fixings, the display case is 155mm deep.

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