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Where to Buy Obselete/Discontinued Models

This website is the perfect place to find diecast models for sale, there are several ways to find a model for sale. First find the model on our website, and click through to its information page.

  1. Underneath the model title you will see a few links, these will search for the model on other websites, we have ordered these in the order in which you are most likely to find the model for sale, so we recommend going down the list clicking each link in turn, they will open a new window which will show you the model for sale on another website, if its there, congratulations you can buy it or take note of the price and try the other options below, if not just go back to the browser window with this website in it and try the next.
  2. In the tabs at the bottom of the screen just above the product description you will see a “Models for Sale” tab with a number in brackets, this number is the number of adverts that customers have placed to list their secondhand model for sale.
    If there are any for sale just click on the tab and you will see the contact details and adverts, just contact those sellers as you would normally reply to a classified advert.

Please note, the aim of this website is only to put buyers and sellers in contact, it is solely your reponsibilty to make sure the model is exactly what you want, make sure the buyer will pay, and look after your own safety.
Buyers and Sellers are not vetted and there is no feedback facility on this website, it is exactly the same as finding an advert in your local paper, if you have concerns we recommend trading on eBay or other recognised platform.

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How to Sell your Model Collection on Diecast Devon

Is your collection of models sat in the loft, gathering dust, or do you want to make some room in your collection for some different models, if so we have the answer, using Diecast Devon you can list your old models for sale, no fees, whether you sell them or not.
We have a huge range of models listed here on Diecast Devon, none of them are for sale by us, but you can sell your models by listing them on our website, or you can buy models from the people selling their models on this site.. There is no charge for using our site, and we will not sell or pass on your details to anybody else.
To start selling your models just follow the instructions below.

  • Create an account and log in.
  • Search through our catalogue and find the identical model to the one you want to sell.
  • On the product information page there is a tab called “Models For Sale”, click on that tab.
  • Depending on whether there are other customers selling their models there will be either a text link saying
    There are no adverts yet, would you like to place one?
    or if there are already adverts for that model you will find a button at the bottom of the list of adverts saying
    Place For Sale Advert.
    Just click on one of those options and the Place an Advert Screen will open.
  • Just fill in the advert, this will not go live until it has been checked so please fill in all required information or it will be rejected.
    The only information you need to place in the advert are your phone number, the limited edition number if it has one, and any information that is relevant to your particular model, like the limited edition certificate number and a description of the condition of the model and the box, whether it has been displayed or kept in its box, etc.

If your advert is accepted and you need to make a change just email us the changes you need to make, along with the product code and your email address, and we will update the advert for you.

Next you just need to sit back and wait for any interested parties to contact you.